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Welcome to Greensburg, Kansas!

Curious what we're planning for the 10th anniversary of the Greensburg tornado? Lots of great things are underway, stay tuned. But in the meantime, mark your calendars for May 4-7th, 2017!


“Blessed with a unique opportunity to create a strong community devoted to family, fostering business, working together for future generations.”

  • The most LEED certified buildings per capita in the world
  • Innovative Learning in our new School
  • State of the Art Health Care at Kiowa County Memorial Hospital (LEED Platinum)
  • Beautiful Downtown Shopping
  • Big Well Museum & Visitor Information Center
  • Take a Green Tour and see how we put the "Green" in Greensburg!
  • Cannonball Golf Course
  • State Lake with Camping
  • Public Swimming Pool
  • Find us: Facebook twitter

    18.4mph South