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Available City Jobs

The City of Greensburg, KS is hiring a Public Works Maintenance Worker. Job duties include street and utility (water/sewer) maintenance, mowing, meter reading. Ability to operate variety of equipment, CDL required. Water and wastewater certification preferred. Pay range $12.84-20.65 plus benefits, dependent on experience and training. Complete job description below.

To apply, please complete a City of Greensburg job application.

Completed applications can be returned to City Hall or




Works at the direction of the Public Works Superintendent.  The Public Works Maintenance Worker performs street repair and maintenance, drainage control and maintenance, maintenance of city parks, planting and maintenance of grasses and trees, maintenance and repairs of the municipal swimming pool, mowing, streetscape maintenance, and maintenance and repair of sprinkler systems.  The employee in this position operates vehicles and equipment, and will use hand tools to accomplish various task including mowing city-owned properties as directed, paint or install street signs and markings, perform street repairs including patching and sealing, grading, ditching, snow removal, and other maintenance of driving surfaces, and assist as directed in weed and pest control operations. Performs semi-skilled physical work in the construction and maintenance of the electrical distributions system, the construction and maintenance of the water distribution system, the sewer system for the City of Greensburg.


  • Operates a variety of motorized equipment, including but not limited to, self-propelled tractor mowers, backhoes, frontend loaders, street sweepers, dump trucks, tampers, rollers, pickup trucks, and snow removal equipment. Operates air tools and jack hammers.
  • Understands and performs basic operator level maintenance on equipment used.
  • Negotiates rough terrain on foot to access maintenance problems.
  • Performs general construction work related to the operation and maintenance of the streets, parks and drainage systems, including setting forms for drainage inlets, curb and gutters, mixing and placing concrete, cutting holes and placing asphalt. Performs minor carpentry work.
  • Paints traffic lines, crosswalks and parking stalls.
  • Plants, prunes, cuts and removes trees as directed, including removal of dead and dangerous trees, removing stumps, removing debris on public property and on private property when assigned in accordance with proper legal authority or agreement between a property owner and the City.
  • Completes mowing on public property and on private property when assigned in accordance with proper legal authority or agreement between a property owner and the City.
  • Completes lawn care and landscaping activities, including chemical application and pest control.
  • Paints and repairs playground equipment and recreation facilities, structures, and outdoor furniture.
  • Cleans public restroom facilities and disposes of refuse in public receptacles on City property.
  • Hauls snow and otherwise assists to remove snow and ice from roadways as directed.
  • Hauls rock, asphalt and concrete for street repairs and other purposes.
  • Operates and works from bucket truck or climbs and works from a ladder.
  • Frames and sets electric poles.
  • Strings new conductors
  • Sets pole mounts and assists in hanging transformers. Sets pad mounts and prepares transformers
  • Assists making stress cones for de-energize underground residential distribution primary.
  • Assists in installation of underground residential distribution primary and secondary conductors.
  • Assists in installation of street light poles street lights and wiring.
  • Wears rubber gloves when doing electrical work.
  • Assists in the construction of new water lines and sewer lines. Repairs broken water mains.
  • Reads electric and water meters.
  • Makes taps for new water service lines. Installs and replaces water meters.
  • Cleans and repairs sewer lines. Climbs in and out of sewer manholes.
  • Maintains and repairs waste water treatment lagoons.
  • Notifies Public Works Superintendent of need for maintenance or repair of equipment.
  • Be available for on-call duty when required and always have a telephone number or a location in order to be contacted.
  • Be available to work extended hours or weekends.
  • Communicates by telephone and/or in person to the public and other City employees. Prepares written reports if required.


  • Complies with city ordinances and city policies.
  • Assists other departments and performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.


Experience: This is a position requiring a person who may be untrained but has innate skills to work with equipment and materials to perform quality work.  While no initial experience is required, one to three years of experience is preferred.  The employee is expected to have acquired the necessary basic skills and knowledge to perform at an acceptable level within six months after being awarded the position.

Education: High School Diploma or GED required.

License/Certification: Possession of a valid Kansas Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required.  Must be insurable by the City’s insurance carrier.

Technical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: The ability to receive, understand and comply with and carry out written and oral instructions is required.  General knowledge of grounds maintenance is required, as are general carpentry skills.  The ability to operate and maintain equipment is required.  The ability to work well with fellow employees and maintain successful working relationships with entities, City officials, businesses and the public and use of good professional judgment, honesty, and integrity in decision making is required.  Must have adequate verbal and written communication skill with general public, supervisors, peers and subordinates to resolve problems.

Problem Solving: Limited independent problem solving is required.  Problem solving requirements include completion of work assignments in a timely manner, assessing equipment problems or defects, analyzing possible courses of corrective action, and implementing corrective action.  Timely reporting of problems expressed by the general public is also required.

Decision Making: Independent decision making exists in this position.  Decisions include methods of equipment use and repair and maintenance; use of appropriate safety practices and equipment.

Supervision: Periodic supervision is provided and job-related decisions made by the employee are approved by the Public Works Superintendent.  The employee does not have supervisory responsibility for subordinate personnel.

Financial Accountability: Employee is not responsible for budgetary control, and has limited input in the budgetary process.

Personal Relations: Employee routinely has contact with all City employees and the general public.  It is a necessity that the employee shall maintain cooperative working relationships with supervisors and peers, and shall relate to the public in a positive manner.

Working Conditions: Manual labor is required.  Adverse weather conditions, including prolonged exposure to temperature and precipitation extremes are to be expected.  Exposure to fuels, chemicals and hazardous implements also exist.  Must be able to work at heights well above ground and in confined spaces.

Physical Requirements: This position functions primarily on the job site.  The ability to operate a variety of motorized equipment, ability to negotiate rough terrain on foot to access maintenance problems, ability to climb in and out of confined spaces, ability to lift objects weighing seventy-five (75) pounds or more in confined spaces during the execution of duties, mobility to run errands, flexibility of body, manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination adequate to operate equipment as assigned.

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