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Greensburg GreenTown Groundbreaking

Please join Greensburg GreenTown

as we launch our much-anticipated Eco-Homes Project.


Thursday, December 11

3:30 p.m.

402 South Sycamore, Greensburg


This first home in our project is dubbed the Silo Eco-Home. It will be built using the same method and materials typically used to construct a silo. Florida-based Armour Homes has designed and will build this demonstration project. They bring a wealth of experience and a great deal of enthusiasm for helping Greensburg come back strong.


Some of the green features of this home include passive ventilation, a green roof with a vegetable garden, a cistern for water catchment, photovoltaic cells for solar-powered electricity, natural daylighting, dual-flush toilets and other water-saving features, native species in the landscape. Additionally, the home is designed to sustain winds of 200 m.p.h., so it will be a safe home as well as a sustainable one. Once completed, the home will serve two functions: a “living science museum” by day, whereby residents and visitors can tour and learn about the various cutting-edge technologies contained within the building; it will provide lodging by night. People will be able spend the night and experience what it feels like to live in such a strong, green building, packed full of green living products, furniture, and appliances.


The Silo Eco-Home – projected for completion by May 4, 2009 - will be the first of as many as a dozen homes in GreenTown’s plans for fostering eco-tourism in Greensburg. Ultimately, this is the community’s project, and our hope is that local residents play an active role in the process. This is the culmination of a dream we at GreenTown have had for a long time. It’s coming together beautifully; our thorough planning and intensive work will deliver a project worthy of the new Greensburg.


Please join us – there's a lot to celebrate!


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