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Frequently Asked Questions

Building  & Codes Department

Do I really need to call before I build?
The development of property requires review by this office and possibly the Planning Commission.  Please contact our office with details of your specific project.  The construction of buildings, sheds, fences, house additions, and lawn sprinkler systems require a permit and inspections.  Any addition or alteration of plumbing, mechanical, or electrical components of a project requires a permit and inspections.
What are my setbacks?  *
Provide a Link to the Sustainable Land Development Code
What can I do if I observe a building or codes issue in the city?
Please call City Hall if you have witnessed the non-compliance of codes enforced by this department.

Municipal Court

What is a diversion?
A diversion program allows persons accused of a crime to possibly avoid a conviction.  In diversion, you enter into a contract to comply with certain conditions.  If you successfully complete all of the conditions of your diversion program, your charges will be dismissed.
How do I apply for a diversion?
To obtain a diversion application, please contact City Attorney Gordon Stull’s Office at 620-672-9446.


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