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Boards & Committees

The City of Greensburg has six boards and commissions with members appointed or approved by the City Council. You can learn more about each of them as well as the members on the page for each board or commision.

Apply for Advisory Boards & Commissions
Indicate your interest in serving on a board or commission. (Please keep in mind that not every board and commission will have an opening right now.)

Greensburg Planning Commission
A five-member commission appointed by the Greensburg City Council for two year overlapping terms.

Convention and Tourism Board
A 10-member board appointed by the Greensburg City Council for three year overlapping terms.

Greensburg Public Housing Authority
A five-member board appointed by the Greensburg City Council for three-year overlapping terms.

Kiowa County Economic Development Board
A county-wide board established byt he Kiowa County Commission to promote economic well being of all cities and the rural development of the county.

City of Greensburg Public Building Commission
A five-member board with four-year overlapping terms, with the exception of the City Council member of the board who serves for one year at a time, or until a successor council member is appointed.

City of Greensburg Tree Board
A nine-member board appointed by the City Administrator with the approval of the City Council for three-year overlapping terms.

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