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Residential Building Permits

(Single Family, Multi-Family, Accessory Structure, Pool, Porch, Fence)

Before Doing Anything

  1. Visit or contact the Building and Codes Department for preliminary information on planning, zoning, and building codes. Building & Codes: (620) 723-4109
  2. For all utilities contact Mick Kendall, City of Greensburg, (620) 723-2751 or (620) 723-2691.

Who can make application?

The owner of the property or a Registered Contractor can make application.

Ask about available building incentives!

Required Documents

  1. Site Plan (2 copies) The site plan should include the following information: the size and location of new construction and existing structures on the site, distances from lot lines, existing septic tank and laterals on the site, and utilities connections.
  2. An accurate boundary line survey.
  3. 2 Sets of complete construction plans showing front, side, and rear elevations, framing details, floor plans, and footing & foundation plans.
    • Any non-conventional and unusual construction design shall be designed and sealed by a Licensed Design Professional registered in the State of Kansas. For example, Steel Framed Construction, Pole-Barn, Post Framed Construction, Log Home, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Construction, Straw Bale Construction, etc.
    • Foundation wall shall meet standard detail Appendix A or be designed and sealed by a licensed design professional registered in the State of Kansas.
    • MODULAR HOME – A Plant Certification Letter showing plant quality control procedures and the third party inspection process must accompany the plans on all Modular Homes.
  4. All sub-contractor forms, completed by a licensee or permittee.
  5. Completed Permit Application form.
  6. Fees: See Current Fee Schedule

A Zoning, Flood, and Plan Review will be completed for each submittal. All applicable fees will be paid prior to a permit being issued. You will be called when your permit is ready. No permit will be issued without all required information.

Greensburg Building & Codes
300 S. Main - Greensburg, KS 67054
(620) 723-4109 Fax (620) 723-4101

Make a Payment

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