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City & County Business Incentives

Neighborhood Revitalization:

This is a rebate of INCREASED property taxes on a piece of property due to new construction, remodeling, etc.  It does not affect the existing property tax, only the increased amount.

Forms are available at the Kiowa County Treasurer’s office and must be completed and approved BEFORE any construction takes place.  This is a rebate, not an  abatement, so taxes must be paid in full and then a % of rebate will be made.  The amount of rebate graduates down over a 10 year period making the total tax load on after the 10 years.

Enterprise Zone Act:

This act allows for statewide business development incentives.  Tax credits earned under the program may be used to offset 100% of the business’ annual state income tax liability.  Unused credits may be carried forward and applied to subsequent tax years until used.


  • Manufacturing business must create two new jobs.
  • National headquarters and ancillary operations, 20 new jobs.
  • Retail business located in a city of population less than 2500 or county less than 10,000 and creating two net new jobs may claim sales tax exemption only.



  1. sales tax exemption on the purchase of personal property or services purchased for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, enlarging, remodeling of equipping a qualified business facility;
  2. a one time job creation tax credit of $1,500 per new  job.
  3. an investment tax credit of $1000 per $100,000 qualified business facility investment


There are various other programs for various and specific issues and from many different organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Kiowa County Economic Development

101 S. Main, Greensburg


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