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Business Incubator

Business IncubatorYour business can GROW right along with the rest of the greening of Greensburg. Even if you’re not a green business, we welcome you to come learn with us and share in our exciting growth.

The SunChips Business Incubator offers a quick, easy, affordable way to help Greensburg get back to business.

Through the generosity of SunChips and cooperative work of MVP, BNIM, PEC, the City of Greensburg and the USDA’s Rural Development team, the town is getting back to business in this LEED Platinum Building.

IncubatorLEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a Green Build Rating System that sets the standard for efficient green building construction and operation.

The 9,580-sq. ft. building makes rent affordable to help businesses get back up and running, and provides an great place for entrepreneurs to start a new business.

Located at the intersection of Hwy. 54/400 and Main Street, the beautiful, people-friendly/eco-friendly building has space for five retail shops at ground level. The upper level has space for nine professional service offices.

These are some of the exciting elements that the building offers:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Located on the roof of the Incubator, these crystalline photovoltaic solar panels capture the sun’s energy and provide electricity for 7% of the building’s total energy needs.
  • Natural Daylighting. Strategic window placement, light shelves and skylights provide constant natural daylight. This allows artificial lighting to be turned off, saving even more energy.
  • Gray Water System. Water from the Incubator’s sinks and showers is collected and reused to flush toilets. Using this “gray water” results in enormous fresh-water savings.
  • Rainwater Collection Systems. Rainwater is collected and used to supplement the gray water system, offering even greater water conservancy.
  • Geothermal HVAC System. This specialized heat-pump system extracts both heat and cooling from the ground through a series of vertical well shafts.
  • Natural Storm Water Management. Rain gardens and other best management practices for storm water collection allows water to naturally re-enter underground reservoirs in the earth.
  • High Performance Building Materials. The Incubator walls have incredible structural capacity, including high-wind protection and an insulation value greater than R-40.
  • Exterior walls use a rain screen system with cement fiber board panels that reduce long-term maintenance costs and provide better moisture protection.
  • Storm Shelter. Naturally, the Incubator includes an area designed for protection against severe weather.

Spaces are available for lease in the business incubator. For more information, please contact Christy Pyatt, City Clerk. or 620.723.2751

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